Hiking holidays in Obergurgl

Summer with the Family in the Ötztal valley

Playground at the Hohe Mut

The brand-new playground at Hohe Mut Alm was mostly built with natural materials. Children and young adults are warmly invited to enjoy and explore nature. The playground features a sand pit, a swing, a slide for small children plus giant climbing and balancing elements where the kids can test and improve their skills. What's best, some 80% of the playground can be used also in winter.

Geocaching Tresure hunt in Obergurgl

Following the marked route you will discover small caches (treasure boxes). Each cache contains a riddle. Solve it and write the letter into the right box of your treasure map. Everyone who has found all letters can compose the code word. Knowing the code word, you can pick up a small treasure at the Information Obergurgl-Hochgurgl where you complete the riddle and recover the treasure. Geocachers can also log their finds on geocaching.com.

The route is about 3 km long, walking time 1.5 - 2 hours.

Obergurgl Stone Pine Forest

A wonderful hike through picture-book landscapes on the new theme trail of Obergurgl's Stone Pine Forest. A true highlight for young and old! Fresh mountain air and lovely rest areas add to a unique experience. The trail crisscrosses the 300-year old stone pine forest that features information panels providing information on pine trees, local animals, etc.

More inforamtion for your family holiday in the Ötztal valley you will find here.