Ötzi Village in the Ötztal valley

Travel back in time and experience the Neolithic Age in Umhausen

In 1991 the Ötztal valley was the scene of a cultural sensation: The glacier mummy “Ötzi” was discovered in the Ötztal Alps, above the “Niedernjoch” glacier. This discovery from the Neolithic Age aroused high interest all over Europe for this historical period.
The Ötzi Village in Umhausen invites you to travel back in time and to experience the lifestyle and economic activities during the lifetime of Ötzi. The archeologic open-air museum features historical buildings and pictures people’s life in a village from the Stone Age as authentically as possible.

Guests of the Ötzi Village can visit a hunting lodge, a square, where stones were formed to useful tools, a tar pit or a Neolithic grain field. The exhibition shows how people of the Stone Age possibly lived their daily live in Alpine regions. Combined with modern information materials about Ötzi and his era, visiting the Ötzi Village is for sure an exciting and educational excursion for the whole family.